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Foreign Exchange Student Visa Information
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Foreign Exchange Student Visa Information
Foreign Exchange Student Visa Information



Policies, procedures and tuition subject to change.

Placement in specific highschool not guaranteed and subject to space.

For a guide to US international options and procedures visit the US Dept. of Homeland Security Guide for students : Study In The States

Guidelines for the Enrollment of Students with a Visa
Non-Immigrant (Visa) Classifications (most common):

J-1 Visa- Foreign Exchange Student

  1.       Enrollment grades 9 thru 12 only
  2.       Enrollment thru an Exchange Agency listed in the CSIET Advisory Catalog
  3.       Maximum stay – One Year
  4.       Minimum stay - One semester
  5.       Cannot receive a Diploma (but can participate in graduation ceremonies)
  6.       Expectations of the Student, Agency & the School model "School Policy" pages 3-7 in the CSIET Advisory List
  7.       Student generates state funding – Payment of tuition is not required
  8.       Registered with Minnesota Secretary of State ISEO list here: http://www.sos.state.mn.us/study-abroad/international-exchange-organizations-in-minnesota/
F-1 Visa - Student Visa
  •     Enrollment grades 9 thru 12 only

      Enrollment via Student Placement Department: Contact Martha Swanson, PDSO :Martha.Swanson@mpls.k12.mn.us or ‚ÄčLeana Hendrickson, DSO: Leana.Hendrickson@mpls.k12.mn.us


  •     ICE form I-20A now done on-line thru the SEVIS web site
  •     Payment of tuition required at the time of application - $9400 (1 full yr). Application (non-refundable) fee $75 may be assessed. Tuition and fees subject to change. Student does not generate state funding. 
  •     Can only attend the school listed on the form I-20A
  •     Maximum stay – One Year
  •     Minimum stay - One semester
  •     Can receive a Diploma and participate in graduation ceremonies
Common Visas allowed for attendance in public schools w/o paying tuition:
·         J-2 Visa – Spouse or Child of a J-1 Visa holder
·         F-2 Visa – Spouse or Child of an F-1 Visa holder
·         H-4 Visa – Spouse or Child of a H-1 or H-2 Visa holder
Common Visas NOT allowed for attendance in public schools:
·         B-1 Visa – Visitor for Business
·         B-2 Visa – Visitor for Pleasure

(For further information, contact Martha Swanson in MPS Student Placement Services - Martha.Swanson@mpls.k12.mn.us)